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Attention visitors to the Quiz-Zone!

The Quiz-Zone has become a very popular and highly frequented well as a victim of its own success.This popularity has generated an increased flow of web traffic. As you may have noticed lately, this has resulted in frequent site shut-downs ( a tremendous source of uncontrollable irritation) due to its surpassed bandwidth alotment. For the past 3 years, The Quiz-Zone has provided free access to its 100 interactive exercises and over 50 interesting and authentic student-generated short stories.
Financial situations beyond our control, however, have compelled us to seriously reconsider and restructure our present policy of free access.
It is with sincere and unfortunate regret that we are presently forced to initiate a registered access deployment. This minimal registration ($10 USD) will help cover the operating costs of The Quiz-Zone. This yearly membership fee will give you uninterrupted access to The Quiz-Zone site for a period of 12 months.
While The Quiz-Zone is busy restructuring its access architecture, we have prepared a short demo page for you to try out some of the Quiz-Zone quizzes and interactive exercises.We hope that this demo page will invite you to apply for full membership priviliges. Please click HERE to go to the demo page.
Thank you for your interest.

The Quiz-Zone management